Walking Stick Bamboo


Qiongzhuea tumidissinoda, some say, Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda

(alias; Big Node Bamboo).

From Western China

This is a rare bamboo. After numerous failures we have built up some numbers. Not so difficult after all.


Can grow to 3 metres tall with culms 1 cm, diameter. It likes humidity, good drainage and a pH of around 6. Cold winters? No problemo 20°C.

Katsura pot

Katsura pot


Sought out for its delicious shoots. Preferred for use as walking sticks all over China and for export, hard to find nowdays. It makes a special container plant, with its interesting culms and gentle foliage.

How fast will it grow?

Growth rate will depend a lot on climate, food and water. Small plants are slow to get going, enjoy the wait.

So what’s it cost?

Name Botanical Name Size Availability Image (if we have one) Retail Price
Walking stickQiongzhuea tumidinoda200mm pot; 0.4m tallavailable$50
Walking stickQiongzhuea tumidinoda300mm pot; 1m tallavailable$150
Walking stickQiongzhuea tumidinoda400mm pot; 1.5m tallavailable$330

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